Announcing Snowshack Sites and the Snowshack Blog

Hi! I’m Jake

After having several strikes of luck in finding meaningful work at companies like Google, co-founding a digital marketing agency focused on schools, and working with (and at) hundreds of nonprofits and schools, I found a common thread:

No matter what, organizations need digital assets that allow them to thrive and creatively express what they do best.

Cool 👍. What’s the deal with “Snowshack”? 

a screenshot of the homepage of snowshacksites.comThere’s more behind the name of the company on our About page, but in case you’re looking for a quick summary of what we do before you tap or click on that beautiful “subscribe” button below: Snowshack Sites is a small creative and web development shop aimed at helping individuals and companies thrive with beautiful digital assets and incredible customer service

OK now. What’s the deal with the “Snowshack Blog”? 

As we roll out a few samples of our work thus far and begin opening for new clients, please consider subscribing to the Snowshack Blog: a newsletter focused on providing a rollup of the latest in web development, digital marketing, WordPress, emerging Content Management Systems, and graphic design.


… and if you have any questions in the meantime, please shoot me a note here (or comment on this post!) and I will respond as soon I can. 

– Jake ☮️☃️

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